The Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power

The Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power
The Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power

Dr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

M.C., Ph.D., D.D.


NOTE: This photo is COPYRIGHTED and has been carefully brushstroked in texture on background. It appears in several of my published books of Dr MacDonald-Bayne's "Collected Writings" since 1983.


To date I have not given permission for anyone to copy or reproduce this adjusted photo. Please be advised. No pirating PLEASE!


Thank you. - from Lora Mendel in Canada

For many thousands of people who were called to hear Dr. MacDonald-Bayne's lectures, it was an experience never to be forgotten. His language was perfect, without a flaw and without hesitation, each sentence spoken effortlessly, with no pause for thought. People who attended these lectures testified to a transformation in which the doctor appeared to grow visibly, his face taking quite a different expression and radiating light. MacDonald-Bayne himself described how he became aware of a sublime power, a consciousness far above his own. People who heard him believed that they were in the presence of a Great Master.


Born in Scotland in 1887, MacDonald-Bayne was for many years a student of the Inner Teachings. In the late 1930's he was directed to visit Tibet and here he studied under the great teacher, Geshi Rimpoche. After his enlightenment, he set out on his mission, healing the sick and teaching what he knew to be the truth in many parts of the world.

A WORD OF THANKS ~ by Lora Mendel



It would be remiss of me to overlook the very valuable contributions of many people over the years who have assisted me in making it possible to publish in their entirety several unknown early works, newly discovered, as well as transposing over 116 wire recordings, of Dr. Murdo MacDonald-Bayne. For the recordings, I have two signed Agreements with the copyright holders, to be sole distributor since the time I first transposed them in 1979. To date I have not given my permission to anyone to copy or reproduce these recordings. I realize how pirating of recordings is so prevalent in our day and that is why I post this warning. Please be advised. The work of filling in a number of missing recorded lectures for the series, as well as corrections to titles is being continually upgraded and is still ongoing. Dr Mac lectures are available on cassettes at this time and there are no CDs done by me at this stage.

It has come to my attention that some sources wish to discredit the efforts and work of "Dr Mac" students such as Paul Troxler of Pretoria, S. Africa. However, I would like to point out the important fact that if it were not for the sincere enthusiasm and untiring dedication of many students, these various books and the recordings would not have surfaced or seen the light of day for the general public to appreciate. Since 1979 when I transposed the recordings in Canada, and the books followed from 1981 onward, it has been a constant preoccupation of adding and completing many of Dr Mac's works, some quite early, dating from 1940 and up to 1954, covering his original lecture notes. What I term "Collected Writings" are for the purpose of differentiating from his "standard" books printed during his lifetime.

Monthly Letters, Books 1, 2, and 3


(The Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power)



To the reader: This series was patiently collected by Paul Troxler to the best of his ability and forwarded to me for publishing in Canada although there had been a number of letters that were missing. However, in 2002, I received further assistance from a handful of the old and new enthusiastic students of Dr Bayne who were able to provide most of what was needed. These have been added to the revised versions of these three books as of 2003. So, slowly and surely the work goes forward.

I wish to personally thank Bozena Kalinic, Jerry Smith, Neville Austen, and Carrie and Margaret Straub, all of South Africa, for their timely assistance.

Below, I present as a sample, a scanned first page of an original "Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power" Monthly Letter, and another photo, to the left, of the folders in which a dedicated student has kept his treasured original lecture notes for over half a century!

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