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Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power
Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power

Early Recordings

How to Relax and Revitalize Yourself

Life More Abundant

The Word of Creation

The Secrets of the Science of Life

Wisdom is the Fountain of Life

The Spring of Living Water

How to Relax and Revitalize Yourself

Chapters 01 - 10

Chapter 1: Quality in Personality (no recording available) Chapter 2: The True Torch of Progress in our Human Relations (listen / hören) Chapter 3: Desire is a Living Force when used with Understanding (listen / hören) Chapter 4: The Subtle Power of Emotion (listen / hören) Chapter 5: Mine your Mind and Gain your Freedom (listen / hören) Chapter 6: Thought, Emotion and Sensation (no recording available) Chapter 7: Are we Hypnotised by our Emotions? (listen / hören) Chapter 8: If we are Hypnotised by our Emotions how can we be De-Hypnotised? (listen / hören) Chapter 9: Unearth your Emotional Habit-Patterns (listen / hören) Chapter 10: “The Wise shall inherit Glory” (listen / hören) (Read Chapter 1 - 10 / Kapitel 1 - 10 lesen)

Chapters 11 - 20

Chapter 11: The 1st Step towards Divine Power (listen / hören) Chapter 12: The 2nd Step — Taking off the Brakes (no recording available) Chapter 13: The 3rd Step — Reviewing your Mental Make-up (listen / hören) Chapter 14: The 4th Step — The Transforming Power of the Breath (listen) Chapter 15: The  5th  Step — The  Rejuvenating  Power  of  Relaxation while you sleep (listen / hören) Chapter 16: The 6th Step — The part the mind plays in Relaxation (listen / hören) [Dr. Mac on the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power] Chapter 17: The 7th Step — The practice of Relaxation in occupation breaks up occupational tensions (listen / hören) Chapter 18: The 8th Step — Conflict the cause of misbehaviour (listen / hören) Chapter 19: The  9th  Step — Changing  the  “Don’t  Do”  Cells  into “Yes Do” Cells in the brain (listen / hören) Chapter 20: The  10th  Step — Applying  the  complete  technique  of Scientific Relaxation (listen / hören) (Read Chapter 11 - 20 / Kapitel 11 - 20 lesen)

Chapters 21 - 30

Chapter 21: Death and Life are in the Power of the Tongue (listen / hören) Chapter 22: “Whatsoever I have done unto the least of them so have I done unto Thee” (listen / hören) Chapter 23: “He shall call upon Me and I will answer Him” (listen) Chapter 24: Occupational Therapy in its finest form (listen / hören) Chapter 25: Occupational Therapy means action now and in the Right Direction (listen / hören) Chapter 26: Jesus taught modern Medicine and Occupational Therapy (listen / hören) Chapter 27: In our Daily Living we feel Separation because we fail to Co-Operate (listen / hören) Chapter 28: “The Infinite has made me to Be” (listen / hören)  Chapter 29: “Awake them that Sleepth, arise from the Dead” (listen / hören) Chapter 30: The Key — How to Use your Mind to solve your Problems (no recording available) (Read Chapter 21 - 30 / Kapitel 21 - 30 lesen)

Updated 20 Nov 2018